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Five Crucial Steps to Launching a New Online Degree Program

If your institution is considering jumping on the online learning bandwagon or expanding its existing offerings, this seminar could be your key to a successful project. Gain valuable insight into the process most institutions use to create a new online degree program and learn how to start your programs with best-in-class support systems.

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How to start a new online degree program—the right way.

Even with last years slowdown in growth for online education, online courses were still responsible for three-quarters of the increase in enrollment at American colleges and universities in 2014, according to a study conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group for the Online Learning Consortium.

And the percentage of academic leaders who say online learning is a critical element of their long-term strategy has reached a new high of 70.8%.

Is your institution interested in establishing a new online education program or creating an online education degree?

Find out how to get started with Five Crucial Steps to Launching a New Online Degree Program, a Magna Online Seminar.


Explore the systems, practices, and resources your institution needs to have in place to create an effective online education program.

Delve into the process most institutions follow when online programs are proposed, and see how to get from your initial ideas all the way to new online degree approval.

A successful online education program doesn’t just happen. Find out how to craft a program that maximizes the potential of online learning for your students and your institution.

Learning Goals

This presentation shows you the pathway to new online degree approval used at most institutions, with examples.

After participating in this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify common barriers that hinder the development and approval of a new online education degree
  • Describe the educational and administrative infrastructure a successful online education program requires
  • Explain the proposal and approval process most institutions follow with online education programs, including key factors such as market research, resources, faculty governance, and accreditation requirements

Topics Covered

It’s easy to understand why so many schools want to expand their online education options.

The flexibility appeals to employed adult learners upgrading their skills and to students with family and other obligations. Meanwhile, your institution can save money on course delivery.

Still, new online degree program approval isn’t automatic. In a 2014 Online Learning Consortium study, only 28% of academic leaders surveyed said their faculty fully accepted the value and legitimacy of online courses.

Five Crucial Steps to Launching a New Online Degree Program helps you address make-or-break issues that need to be resolved when you’re developing a new online education degree, including:

  • Your institutions reasons for creating the degree
  • The extent of your schools current infrastructure for online education administration
  • The type and strength of faculty governance
  • Availability of student support services for distance learners
  • Regional accreditation requirements
  • The level of faculty support
  • Plans for funding the online education program


The presentation is most effective for those who seek to improve and refine an intermediate level of familiarity with the process of creating a new online education program and new online degree approval.

It is particularly helpful for those in the following positions:

  • Program directors
  • Department chairs
  • Assistant/associate deans
  • Deans
  • Assistant/associate provosts
  • Provosts

In addition, at some institutions, it is faculty who shepherd a new online education program through the approval process, and this online seminar will directly support these efforts.

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