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How Can I Increase Faculty and Staff Buy-in For Online Programs?

This program is intended for academic leaders and online education program managers establishing an online education program or meeting resistance to a current online education program. How Can I Increase Faculty and Staff Buy-in For Online Programs? is a Magna 20-Minute Mentor that explains the contributors to resistance and provides actionable solutions that will help the viewer effectively lead change at the institution.

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How Can I Increase Faculty and Staff Buy-in For Online Programs?

Some faculty and staff are resistant to the idea of online programs. The first step in overcoming this resistance to teaching online is to understand the obstacles and objections. We then explore three key reasons that faculty and staff give for not wanting to make the move to online and learn about a framework that can help overcome the objections. Faculty and staff buy-in for online programs is possible. There are two core requirements: a supportive and trusting culture, and an acceptance that the benefits of change outweigh perceived risks/costs to the individual. The framework to effect meaningful change is communication, an effective reward structure, and a well-developed support program.

Purchase the How Can I Increase Faculty and Staff Buy-in For Online Programs? 20-Minute Mentor program, presented by James Moore. In this 20-minute session, youll learn how improve the overall mission of faculty development by treating online onboarding as a developmental process.

Learning Goals

After this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand three main reasons for internal resistance to online programs
  • Understand the framework needed to effect meaningful change within their organization
  • Understand the process required to lead meaningful change at the institution

Topics Covered

  • Defining buy-in as internal commitment, with three components: defining work objectives; specifying how to achieve them; and setting stretch targets
  • Reviewing reasons why educators may be reluctant to teach online, such as skepticism towards online learning in general, workload concerns, and individual reasons
  • Identifying four foundational areas that need to be developed at the institutional level for buy-in to occur: effective online strategy; establishing a platform for learning (LMS, VLE, etc.); technical support for faculty; and technical support for students
  • Reviewing the research for making meaningful changes within an organization: Lewins Forcefield Analysis and Oreg, S., Vakola, M., & Armenakis, A. (2011). Change Recipients’ Reactions to Organizational Change: A 60-Year Review of Quantitative Studies. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 47(4), 461.


This program will benefit:

  • Academic and Administrative leaders interested in establishing an online program, or experiencing resistance to a program in place
  • Teaching and Learning Centers
  • Online Program administrators

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