Jill Schiefelbein

Jill Schiefelbein is an award-winning business owner, author, and former professor. She taught business communication at Arizona State University for 11 years while being a pioneer in the online education space, but wanted to put more of her teaching into practice. In 2011 she ventured into entrepreneur land and hasn't looked back. Her first business, Impromptu Guru, helped people improve their presentation and public speaking skills. She created a YouTube series that was syndicated by Entrepreneur Network and brings in thousands of new viewers each week. Now, Jill is The Dynamic Communicator, and helps companies better communicate and educate to grow sales and keep clients. She's a video partner and a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as a livestream video personality. Her latest book, Dynamic Communication: Strategies to Grow, Lead, and Manage Your Business, was published in early 2017. Follow Jill on all the social channels @dynamicjill for updates and great content that helps you improve your communication with simple, actionable strategies.

Updated: 10-24-2017