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What Do Modern Learners Expect from Their Instructors?

This video will help you analyze your interactions with students, and exploring student perceptions of ideal instructors.

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What Do Modern Learners Expect from Their Instructors?

Teaching in colleges and universities today can be difficult, and faculty may wonder at times if they’re having any impact at all.

Take note: 98% of students in a recent study said the teaching methods and characteristics of their instructors had a significant effect on their motivation and learning.

In What Do Modern Learners Expect from their Instructors?, you’ll explore this and other results drawn from current research, and see how this information can help you enhance your teaching style.

Today’s students, 18-24 year-old millennials and somewhat older non-traditional students, are frequently described as the most relational generation to ever hit college campuses. In order to teach these students effectively, you need to develop a rapport with them. This presentation will show you proven techniques for doing so.


When it comes to reaching modern learners, current research and academic literature tell us its not just what you say, but how you say it and how students feel about it. Students will learn better, and feel more motivated to achieve your courses learning goals, if they feel youre on their side.

With 14 specific guidelines for building rapport, this presentation is packed with practical tips on how to show students you care by:

  • Motivating students with your own enthusiasm
  • Engaging students with flexible teaching practices
  • Inspiring students to take control of their own learning
  • Supporting students with an approachable attitude
  • Avoiding authoritarian practices
  • Treating every individual interaction as an opportunity to strengthen your teacher-student relationship

Ideal instructors are made, not born, and this presentation will help you tailor your teaching style to suit the unique needs of todays students.

Learning Goals

After watching this presentation, youll be able to:

  • Describe instructor characteristics that resonate with modern learners
  • Identify teaching practices that build rapport
  • Employ rapport-building techniques to enhance student motivation
  • Demonstrate characteristics students respond to favorably

Topics Covered

  • The impact of instructor behavior and attitudes on student motivation and performance
  • Instructor characteristics which matter most to students-and which dont
  • The link between instructor behavior and student expectations
  • Which teaching practices build rapport with students
  • How to establish encouraging and motivating learning environments


This Magna 20-Minute Mentor is designed for faculty:

  • Interested in recalibrating their teaching for modern learners
  • Seeking to enhance student engagement
  • Aiming to increase student attention
  • Striving to promote student motivation
  • Already familiar with classroom environments, student outcomes, and education lecture techniques


Analyzing your interactions with students, and exploring student perceptions of ideal instructors, is essential for professional development. Order this program today, and see for yourself how learning about student expectations improves teaching!

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Teacher leans over student to point to opened laptop

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